“Russell is a focused, authentic coach who listens carefully and gives very perceptive feedback. His warmth, humour and focus on action-taking make him truly inspiring to connect with. He also really knows which way is up when it comes to sales and marketing. If you're wanting to make a change and clarify your future having Russell in your corner is a huge advantage”.    

Nicolas Brown Coach & Clinical Psychologist - New Zealand

“As a coach he is the very best I have worked with. He helped me to see what I truly value in my life and how to go out and embrace the things I want.  Thank you, Russell, for your commitment to me and the help you have given me”.

J.M Entrepreneur – New Zealand

“Totally Professional!!”    

R.K ICT Advisor - New Zealand

“Russell is one of those guys you want if you want to grow your business and improve a company's culture at the same time. I felt completely comfortable with him as we worked together, and he helped me achieve exceptional results”

D.B Investor, Author, Serial Entrepreneur - New Zealand

“What sets him apart is the attitude and aptitude he’s developed over years.  He is an inspiring professional to be with. Russell genuinely cares about you”

C.S Principle Dream Catcher Consulting - New South Wales, Australia

“Russell is fervent and tenacious whilst at the same time being very open, engaging and giving on a personal level.  He helped me achieve clarity and real results”          

N.W Thought Leader, Investor - New Zealand

“Russell is a superbly professional individual with excellent foresight and drive. He has a very keen ability to draw the positive from every opportunity in his own unique way. Through his coaching Russell has the ability to get the best out of any individual and get trust and support in return”.

D.C Program Director - United Kingdom

“It's very rare that I've come across truly brilliant account managers, but in 26 years of being in the telecoms business I have to say that Russell is one of the best I've ever met! He picks up the problem and deals with it from end to end which is very rare nowadays. It is my pleasure to recommend him”

N.C CEO Telecommunications - United Kingdom