Professional Coaching for Leaders

I help companies produce accelerated performance culture and engagement. I believe that coaching people leaders is the most effective way to produce sustainable results and ensure return on investment is achieved from expensive people development programs. Most trainers, while delivering excellent content, do not empower leaders with the skills they need to embed new behaviours and culture in their teams. This means much of the training is forgotten and overlooked within 30 days. My goal is to change this. I can take your organisation’s existing training content and make it stick.  By working with and coaching your leaders on how to coach their teams I empower them with the skills they need to achieve long lasting sustainable results through their teams. My programs are short, sharp and effective.

I also provide a full suite of business and personal coaching programs for all levels of professional leaders. From new Leaders to seasoned C level executives my coaching will help you get to the next level.  

Please make contact by clicking here.  I’ll buy the coffee, you can tell me more and together we can see if I can help you or your people achieve some exceptional and long lasting results.


Sales Training Programs

I believe in two things in selling: -

1. The need to constantly keep learning and adapting so we can compete in the modern business world.

2. The need to take ownership of our own results, outcomes and empowerment.

I like to start out with a complimentary assessment and identification of your or your company’s and people’s development needs. Once I have done that with you, only then will I recommend a course of action or training program.

I value my clients and will work closely alongside you to ensure you get exactly what you need. Please don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials. Some of my past clients include: Bright Black, Surgical Supplies, National Geographic.

So if you have a challenge with performance, a question about training, or a desire to ‘empower and future proof your sales talent, I'd love to help.

Please make contact by clicking here.  I’ll buy the coffee, you can tell me more and together we can see if I can help your people achieve some exceptional results, fast.


Winning that RFP

Winning a large RFP or new piece of work could take your company to the next level.

I have a skill set developed over 25 years of successfully competing for and winning Requests For Proposals (RFPs). My process is aligned to winning large RFPs for organisations. If engaged, my holistic approach to RFPs starts with ensuring it is qualified properly. Once an organisation truly understands the effect it will have on them if they win, only then, can they move forward with confidence or indeed withdraw from the process without further cost.  I then work to ensure an organisation is positioning itself correctly to be included in an RFP process and to ensure that their potential new customer understands the significant points of difference they have that set them apart from the competition. I can then be engaged to lead or assist in providing a winning response.

Please make contact by clicking here if you would like to discuss how I can help you qualify and subsequently win an RFP or large piece of new business for your organisation.